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In this fantastical world full of mysteries, monsters and creatures, one in a million are said to be attuned to the frequencies of the world. Those who are attuned usually inherit odd abilities ranging from manipulation of fire, turning solids into rubber, object size alteration, to freezing lakes over with the mind. The conditions of tuning are still shrouded in mystery, leaving these abilities taboo to many. Those with them are often outcast or judged, even by those who rely on them.

A group of young individuals, drawn together by the looming oppression and corruption of the land rise up and journey to the capital, demanding change. Many trials and challenges lie in wait.

Any bug reports are appreciated. Is the game slow for you? I tested it on another PC and it ran much slower than mine, so I'm not sure how it will fare on others.

I'm a lone developer, so please forgive the lack of quality in some areas.

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Rise (Demo) v1.2 167 MB
Rise (Demo) v1,1 257 MB


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this is such a charming game! it has that charm that mother 3 had, but it also is very unique...all the characters are so likeable and it's all very nice! great job and i can't wait for the finished product! :-)

Aw thank you so much! That's such a huge compliment!